Emma Arnold

DC Bucket List

Emma Arnold
DC Bucket List

Here we go...

10. That burger that everyone has been telling me I need to eat. 

9. Say bye to my otter friends at the zoo.

8. Breakfast sandwiches at Bethesda bagels. Um yas, avocado. 

7. Bye to my little succulent plants, which I now leave in good hands. Seriously though, I am very proud of my badass responsible adult self for keeping these alive for so long. Except for the one I accidentally threw out the window. It was an accident! 

6. Sushi burrito.

5. One last visit to my favorite best kept secret of the Smithsonian museums… it is in the Portrait Gallery. You’ll have to find it yourself. 

4. Balling out at the restaurant that I have work at to support myself to do all the other things that are on this list. With the ladies that are the most amazing people ever that I also get to work with all the time.

3. A final drink with the greatest people at the bar that has seen me at my best. And worst. The latter of which we will not discuss in detail.

2. A dope ass party with all of your friends.

1. A quiet moment of gratitude on the roof of my lovely building — for so many amazing years in this city, the wonderful experiences I have had, and all of the incredible people I have met along the way.