Perspectives on Implementation and Effectiveness of School Green Cleaning Laws (July, 2015)

Green cleaning in schools has long been championed by parents, school staff, sustainability leaders, and cleaning industry professionals, but what about by state leadership? Since 2006, 10 states and the District of Columbia have implemented laws which address green cleaning in schools. This white paper examines the effectiveness of these laws through interviews, policy analysis, and data from national surveys.

Healthy Schools: Evidence for Action (October, 2016)

By the time a child graduates from high school, they have spent 15,600 hours inside a school, experiencing the good and bad of classroom environments. For decades researchers have studied the effects of known environmental toxins on health. But in recent years, research has illuminated common features of every school that also affect students’ physical health, cognitive & mental well-being, and academic success. Healthy Schools: Evidence for Action offers a comprehensive review of this recent research in support of what we already know: that where we learn matters. 

The Modern Thai Student Movement (December, 2014)

Written in Thailand during the period of political unrest leading up to the 2013 coup, this series of articles illustrates the role of university students in Thai politics through a series of profiles. The articles were the culmination of several weeks of research and interviews with student groups around the northeast region of Thailand, and was published in the Thai-English newspaper Prachatai. 

Academic Research

The Evolution of China's Hukou System and Urbanization (December, 2013)

China's system of household registration, called the hukou system, seeks to control population and settlement patterns across the country. Through an examination of the unique phenomenon of "urban villages" in Shenzhen, China, this paper explores the broader implications of the hukou system in a rapidly developing country. The paper was written with fellow student Kara McFadden as part of the geography course Cities in the Developing World taught by Dr. David Rain at the George Washington University.